Establishment and Operation (1973-)

The Botanical Museum of the University of Patras was founded in 1973 on the basis of the PD. 360 (Government Gazette 264 / 3-10-1973), at the initiative of the then professor of the botanical center and the first director of Mr. D. Foitos. According to the relevant PD. the purpose of the Botanical Museum is to “seek, collect and systematically study the botanical wealth of the country” b) to use it for teaching purposes c) to serve the disciplines related to the objects of the above Museum and d) to meet the needs of the respective headquarters of the Physical-Mathematical School “.

Based on the PD. Director of the Botanical Museum is the director / professor of the Botanical Workshop / Headquarters, which also reflects the close relationship of the respective units (Botanical Workshop, Botanical Center, Botanical Museum) which in essence for many years functioned as a single academic unit and educational and research activity.

In the context of the application of Law 1268/1982 on Higher Education, the Botanical Museum is incorporated as a separate structure in the Department of Biology and its responsibility is the Department of Plant Biology through a three-member committee appointed by the General Assembly. of the Sector and approved by the General Assembly. of the Department. It is housed in the Biology-Mathematics building of the University Campus in Rio Patras.

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